First meeting suggestions. What to wear and what do we bring? That is everyone's first question. Keep in mind, everyone is seeking others
that are 'open minded, neat & clean.' Your sexual arousal should starts at home. In both sexes, arousal is a response to thoughts of being
presented with new stimulus. We are a private group of adults that host socials and promotes sharing intimate times with others. Always dress-up
as sexy as you dare.

Guys do well in slacks and open sport shirt. Look good to be looked at and noticed. Not a lot more can be done.

     Gals have so many more options.
   You definitely should dress for the audience you want to attract.
   Wear clothes that are some what revealing. You can make it very simple. Your blouse with 1, 2 or 3 top buttons opened.
   More daring females wear an almost transparent blouse. Your skirt, basic black for light complexioned females. Off white
   for darker skinned females. The idea is to show off as much leg as you dare with contrasting shade of color. Some females
   have even modified one of their skirts by splitting the side seam to further exposure her thigh. Stocking maybe an option for
   some. Never wear pantyhose.   If you think this is too much for the beginning, than you should get a dress with a zipper
   or buttons on the front. Then as the time goes by you can slowly unbutton or unzip your dress - inch by inch. You might have
   already removed your bra and panties before you enter the party. Give the guys a bit of a tease or a hint, you will show them even
   more once you feel comfortable. Most woman are not a perfect number 10.   If you are worried about some of your body parts,
   cover them. Dressing for a sexual encounter should be fun, you should not worry about your body. Men will focus on what is the
   best of your body and they don't care about the rest of your body. Thin to skinny females can wear a skirt that is tight and short.
   A sheer blouse will draw attention to your nipples. Normal to heavy females select something loose and a bit longer hemline. 
   The possibilities are endless. You have to remember only one thing. You want to be noticed for much more then intelligence and
   idle conversation. The idea is to wear clothes that are revealing and easy to remove. Something that comes off over your head is not
   the best selection. Most recently, I watch a new female lift her dress up over her head. Slowly her full nudity came into view.
   It was an erotic moment till her earring got caught in the dress.  Bottom line, "You wear what ever will make you feel
   comfortable, but you have to send the message - you are looking for sex."

[Question] My wife wants to attend a party. Can she come and just watch? [Answer]

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