[Question] My wife wants to attend a party. Can she come and just watch?

[Answer] We are and must be a private membership club.

We charge a membership fee and set-up a pre-party forum for all new members.
She may become a member but she won't be invited to a party until she competes the forum.
Together you need to meet with another member who has agreed to be party hostess.

The on-premises and motel suite parties are highly sexual. Members pay the party fee and
attend expecting to find compatible sexual members. None are willing to put on a show for

To answer your question, she wouldn't be invited until she is willing to fully take part sexually.
Note: 1: Single or married males have tried to use a 'paid escort' to get into a party so he can be with the women while she sits off to the side.
2: We have seen couples attend and the hostess being told, "My wife has no interest in other men.
we are seeking a female for a threesome.


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