I got a chance to be with Darla while her husband,
Spencer, videotaped us.

I became a paid member a few weeks back.

I was more than happy with viewing the porn on this website.
Never did I expect to hook-up with a real live person.

On a cold cloudy Saturday morning, I was on the site when I decided to answer some of the personal profiles.
I replied to five singles females and two couples who indicated they were seeking single male members.
In an hour this couple answered my text message. The husband was clear in what they were into.
I would take his wife out shopping, then to dinner, and end up back to their apartment.

At her apartment her husband was polite enough.
He offered coffee as the three of us chatted.

Spencer sent Darla off to the bedroom first. A bit later, we followed.
I was nervous as hell. Darla excused herself and went off to the bathroom.
I didn't know what to do with myself. I arranged the pillows on the bed.

When I turn around, she was standing there naked.
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Darla suggested we take a break.
To her husband she suggested,"Get him one of your blue pills."

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I could feel my cock starting to harden.

It didn't go unnoticed by Darla.
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Note: Here is a bit of advice to those who are like me.
If you are seeking to hook up, don't waste your time on all the dating sites. "Dating isn't mating!"
I went there (the dating sites) and had several dinner dates. I groveled for sex like I was a teenager again.
With Darla and Spencer, I told them the truth in my first e-mail to them. They replied with honesty.
From that point, all my messages were between myself and Darla
You might like to send her an Email.

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