I am currently married to Jack Crosby. In most ways I believe I can be a good wife.

I want to try and explain what this video is about.
I have been in several serious relationships starting at 19 years old.
For about a year or so with a new partner and lover, everything seems to be good. As more time goes by I get bored and I start thinking about what it
might be like being alone. I do get into reading a lot of romance paperbacks.
My daydream; "I’m just single and enjoying my life."
I make up stories in my mind; "By chance, I meet someone else outside of my social circle. He invites me to lunch.
We find we have many of the same feelings. He takes my cell number and promises to call."
I keep adding to my story; "He calls me from a motel room and I leave work to meet with him."

I feel like I’m more excited about my thoughts and my made-up stories than my real-life relationship. Sex with Jack is satisfying
but my fantasy lover is a take-charge type of guy. He introduces me to light bondage and being submissive.

I love Jack and decided to share my concerns with him. He asked and I assured him, "my made-up thoughts are only sexual." His solution seemed simple enough.
Together we will make my fantasy a reality. We will find a guy and invite him to meet with us. I am to come up with a one-time happy ending to my story.
Jack will make it come true.

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