I am naked under this see-through gown.

Birthday party
My husband gift to me was a little tight about my waist, otherwise, it was the perfect item for my full figure.
We are current members of the Tri-City BBW + Friends group This was our first mid-day party.
We knew and accepted that this party is open to couple and singles.
That is also a first for us. To date, we have attended couples only events. We pulled into the club's parking lot about 11:50 AM. The club is closed until 12: noon.
There were three other cars there, also waiting for the party to start. All three were
each occupied by a lone male. As we waited another auto arrived. Occupied by a much younger couple. 12:noon, the three guys and the couple walked to the front door of the club house
and entered the building. We hesitated a few more minutes before following.
Inside we were greeted by the club owner and lead to her desk. Together, both my husband and I needed to present our ID and sign in.
The next thing was, we were going to get a full tour of the house. That took about 20 minutes before returning to the main room.
Others have arrived in our absence. 1:20 PM: My husband and I returned to the second-floor bedroom area. At the top of the stairs,
we changed from our street clothes to our party attire. Yes! I was to wear my new gown, while my husband wore his silk black shorts.
We hung out in the group sex bedroom, watching a few of the members engaged in various sexual acts.
Two other couples entered the room. The younger of the two took up a space on the bed near the far wall.
The second couple introduced themselves to us. Billy and Paul. I was pleased to notice they were nearer to our age.
I kind of forgot how naked I was in the see-through gown till Paul put his hand on my ass.
Neither Billy or my husband seem to notice. That was until Paul took my hand and lead me the few steps to the bed nearest to us.
At the edge of the bed, I turned back to both of them. My husband had a shitty grin on his face but nodded his head with approval. The details of the group sex is a bit foggy to me.
I know Paul put his arm around my shoulder and had me lay back onto the sheet from the sitting position.
My feet barely touching the carpet. As he kissed me, his left hand raised the hem of my gown.
I rolled my body right and left to allow the gown to move to the center of my back.
His kissing now more intents and deeper as his hand kneaded my breast.
Another set of hands pressed my knees apart. Several wet kisses trailed up the inside of my thighs. I lost track of how many orgasms I had in the first few minutes.
For the rest of the time, I can't count how many different cock I had in my mouth.
The sheet under my ass has a huge wet spot. A combination of me squirting while being filled with hot sperm.

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